Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zachariah {Grandview HS 2013 Senior}, Mansfield and Arlington Senior Photographer

Zachariah and his mom asked if I could do Zach's session on their 27 acres in Grandview TX. When I arrived at their place I was so excited. It was just beautiful. As soon as I arrived Zach, his mom, and I loaded up in Zach's truck, and he drove us to all his favorite spots on their land.

I have to say Zach was such a gentleman, so polite and so respectful. Every time I got in and out of the truck he ran to open the truck door for me. As I was trying to strike up conversation with him, he always answered me with yes ma'am and no ma'am...And on top of that, as you can see, he is very handsome.

With Zach in his own environment you quickly get a picture of him and his personality. 

Zach had been working at his grocery store job since early that morning, towards the end of our session he started getting tired and kept yawning. As the session ended at sunset, I told him your free to go to bed and get some sleep now, then I said you're not going to bed are you!?! He replied no, he thought he would to go do some night finishing in their pond.

Congratulations Zachariah, class of 2013 from Grandview High School!

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