Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anderson is "4", Mansfield and Arlington Family and Children's Photographer

Anderson, my youngest, turned four this month. I had a difficult time with this milestone and was in a little denial that he is now four. He is my baby and my youngest. Three just seems like a baby, but four is definitely a little boy.

I wanted a session that would capture Anderson, who he is right now. I want to remember the way he looks, his smile, the things he likes and the way he acts and plays.
I want to remember his serious but yet shy side. I want to remember his sweet little dimple when he smiles. I want to remember him giggling, playing with his cars and truck, his sweet squishy little hands and his little profile face. I wanted to remember him off to save the world as a super hero with his pudgy little belly and cape flowing behind him. I want to remember all things about Anderson at age four.

Anderson is my youngest, my baby and no matter how old he is, he is "4 ever the baby."

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