Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"S" Family Fall Session - Mansfield and Arlington Family Photographer

I first met the "S" at their fall family session over a year ago. What a precious family and such an honor to photograph them again this past fall.

I have been able to keep up with them via facebook through out the year and was so excited to see Brooke was expecting their second child. Here for their session she was just a few months pregnant but already showing a cute little belly. We had to get a picture of her baby bump.

Their son Brian always does so great for his photo session. What a handsome little man and great big brother he will be! 

So great to see this family again! Congratulations on your baby girl due this summer! 

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Anderson is "4", Mansfield and Arlington Family and Children's Photographer

Anderson, my youngest, turned four this month. I had a difficult time with this milestone and was in a little denial that he is now four. He is my baby and my youngest. Three just seems like a baby, but four is definitely a little boy.

I wanted a session that would capture Anderson, who he is right now. I want to remember the way he looks, his smile, the things he likes and the way he acts and plays.
I want to remember his serious but yet shy side. I want to remember his sweet little dimple when he smiles. I want to remember him giggling, playing with his cars and truck, his sweet squishy little hands and his little profile face. I wanted to remember him off to save the world as a super hero with his pudgy little belly and cape flowing behind him. I want to remember all things about Anderson at age four.

Anderson is my youngest, my baby and no matter how old he is, he is "4 ever the baby."

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"A" Family Session, Mansfield and Arlington Family Photographer

This fall family session was done at River Legacy Park in Arlington. This park is a wonderful location for a session. I love using the park's trails and fields for my sessions. 
The "A" family is such an adorable family! I love when families enjoy themselves, have fun and play. It was obvious with this family that they were enjoying each other by the smiles on their faces.
After only a few minutes this "little one" was ready to escape from his mom and dad's arms and go run and explore. This is why I always start out my family sessions the same way. I go first for that posed, everyone looking at the camera, and all smiles shot. The shot that mom is going to want to use for the Christmas card. It seems that the best time to get this shot is the first five minutes of the session. After that shot is captured, I can just relax and just have fun with the family. There is a lot of tickling, chasing, swinging and just playing. I love watching families just be themselves and capturing these precious moments.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Bryant Family {Fall Family Session} - Mansfield and Arlington Family Photographer

In Texas it is November or even early December before we are enjoying the beautiful fall colors. This was one of my last sessions of the fall season and I just loved all the fall colors and leaves on the ground. The "B" family chose the perfect color scheme for their outfits. The orange, blue and browns were just perfect.

This session was done at Getzander park in Waxahachie, Texas. I loved watching mom and dad playing with their one year old daughter, Ryder. She loved being walked by her momma and daddy. This put lots of smiles on her face.

What a joy to meet and photograph this wonderful family!

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