Friday, January 4, 2013

Baylor and Pumpkins, Dallas and Ft. Worth Children's Photographer

For this session, little Baylor's momma had pumpkins all set up in their front yard. We did this mini session in the comforts of Baylor's home. Mini sessions are a perfect amount of time for a little ones attention span.

Baylor had so many different facial expressions. I love how each picture captures a new and different expression. At one point during the session she fell off her chair and gave me the cutest little pouty cry. What a cutie!

I just love, love her strawberry blond curls, and her dress was just perfect with the pumpkins.

The black and white picture below was one of her momma's favorites, so I had to include this one.
Cute little pouty cry after falling out of her chair!

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