Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jessica, Midlothian High School Senior, Mansfield and Arlington High School Senior Photographer

Jessica was one of my seniors this last spring. She is a Midlothian High School 2012 graduate.
Jessica had such a fun, bubbly and adventurous personality. She made this session so much fun and enjoyable.
Jessica wanted her session to be both country and urban, so this downtown alley and junkyard were perfect for her. We then ended our session in a local wheat field just as the sun was setting. We ended the session in her cap and gown.
We had so much fun climbing in and out of old cars, carrying furniture through wheat fields, dodging possible snakes and creatures along the way. (I am just kidding we didn’t see any creatures!)
I love when sessions are fun adventures for my clients. It should be a memorable event of their senior year. It should be a day they feel special and beautiful and have lots of fun as well. I hope this is how Jessica felt!
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