Monday, June 27, 2011

"Sweet Garden Nap," Dallas, Ft. Worth Photographer

As a mom and a photographer, I am convinced that the parent’s role during a photo session is 10 times more difficult than the photographers.
I remember times, with my own kids, being completely stressed during photo sessions. When my youngest baby was five weeks old, I scheduled a photo session for my three kids at a local garden, similar to this one. Trying to get pictures of three small children was an impossible task. My five week old was fussy and my other two were uncooperative. Sadly it seemed my photographer was out of creative ideas to get any good pictures of my three kids.  I remember the photographer during the session actually said, well there is only so much we can do with a five week old.
The session left me frustrated and helpless. Through this experience, my goal as a photographer has been to help my clients’ session be a smooth and pleasant one. With this in mind I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes moments during my “Sweet Garden Nap” session.  
The weeks prior to our session I had a couple of phone conversation getting to know the mother of this sweet three month old. The day of the session I loaded up my car with plenty of useful props for the session.

I arrived at the session a few minutes early to get prepared. When my client arrived I took just a few pictures getting acquainted with the family and giving them a chance to warm up in front of the camera. Three month old Bradie came with her momma and three grandparents. I loved how these grandparents were so complimentary, encouraging and helpful.
After a few minutes, Baby Bradie became fussy and tired. I assured the family we have plenty of time, let’s take a break.  Momma handed off Bradie to one of the grandparents for a bottle, and I suggested momma walk with me to the car to look at props.
During this time, I kept assuring the mom we have plenty of time, we are in no rush. I firmly believe patience is the key and would rather have a few great pictures than a lot of just okay pictures.
At my car my client fell in love with my old suit case prop. We took a few props back over to the rest of the family, and the grandparents awed over the old suitcase as well. While Bradie was finishing her bottle I got some props ready to go. As I finished, Bradie was ready to be placed in the old suitcase. Grandma left the bottle in the mouth, and I snapped a few pictures, just in case things took a turn for the worse after the bottle was removed. We took our time slowly removing the bottle and Baby Bradie continued to sleep peaceful. I took as many pictures as I could zooming in and out and different angles. Then I concentrated on body parts gently moving legs and arms in different positions.
Patience and gentleness was the key here, and a little preparation had some to do with it too. I am so pleased with the way this session turned out. I hope this was a pleasant experience for my client as well.
I feel like I continue to learn and grow in my photography, striving  to give more to my client and helping their session be smooth and pleasant.
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