Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fullerton Family Kids

I thoroughly enjoyed this session. I am sure it had all to do with the fact that the Fullerton's are just the best kids and so cooperative. It is funny because their mom texted me right before the session and said, I hope Brandon, (three years old) cooperates. I was prepared with some bubbles and lots of fun, but he did give us plenty of smiles.

Earlier I had planned to do this session at the park, but changed my mind and went to this old bridge. I thought the girls plaid shirts were adorable for this location. It was so cute Brandon kept looking around and asking where the park was. Poor thing, I forgot to mention I changed my plans.

I had planned earlier to use this old frame. I had my car loaded up and was ready to leave, then at the last minute I realized I forgot my frame. I got a little dusty searching my attic for it, but this pic turned out to be a favorite.

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