Thursday, September 9, 2010

After the Rain - 19 months

Since my youngest was just a newborn, once a month, I will take his picture. I usually try to take them around the 8th of each month, his birthday. It has been so incredible watching him change and grow each month.

Yesterday was the 8th of September. I was so looking forward to taking pictures. With our busy back to school schedule, I haven't had much camera time as it was. I was aching to get out and take some pictures.

When I dropped my older kids off to school it was pouring rain, and there were no signs of it letting up. I got a little depressed being cooped up in the house, but thankfully by the time Anderson woke up from his nap, a little sun began to come out.

I envisioned some great shots of him having so much fun splashing in the mud puddles, but Anderson didn't want to have anything to do with the puddles. I set him down by a puddle, and he cried for me to pick him up. Oh well! It was less mess to clean up! Anyway, I got some cute shots of him minus the mud. This is Anderson 19 months today.

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